Safety is the foremost aspect to how I approach my job when I am performing tree work.  The health and well being of both myself and those who work with and around me is central to how I think and operate.  Safety is much more than wearing special gear or even trying to go by the book, being safe is a habit and an instinct.

Finding a company to do your tree work properly without damaging anything is only half the battle.  Finding a crew who will clean up after themselves is a task in itself.  I have found its the little things in life that make all the difference.  If a stump is going to be left without stump grinding, will it be cut as low as possible or will it be left sticking up like a sore thumb.  After the hard work of getting tree’s down on the ground, cutting them up, chipping, and loading wood brush and debris will the crew take the time to rake the yard properly so as not to leave additional work for you or your yard man.  I strive to leave your property in the condition I found it or better.

Time is precious and valuable.  When we show up on your property, we come to get the work done.  We work quickly and efficiently to trim, prune or remove your trees.

Of course we have insurance, and it comes attached with every contract we send.  So far to date, I have never had to use my business policy and I hope I never have to.  Please note that because I am not the insurance provider, I can not give a valid certificate of insurance.  I can only provide you with what my policy is, my local agent and information to contact her for a valid certificate.